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Rolands Have Landed

Just a quick note to confirm the Roland C.IIs, missing from the last Wings Of Glory release due to a printing problem, are now available and in stock.

Dom, Wed 10th September.

New Wings Of Glory Series

Sorry I've been so quiet lately - an excess of real life has meant things have been rather a struggle of late, although hopefully they're heading in the right direction at last.  New decals are finally on the horizon, and in the meantime I have a big Wings Of Glory update.  Top of the list is that the long-awaited Series 2 reprints have mostly arrived - production problems have delayed the Roland C.II, but I'm very pleased to have the DH4, Sopwith Snipe, and especially the Fokker D.VII in stock.  :-)  In addition I also have the new bomber models (reprints of the Gotha G.V and new paint schemes for the Caproni Ca.3, and a restock of various bits and pieces from the earlier series, so availability's looking better than it has for quite a while. 

Finally a quick word on prices - I've knocked a couple of quid off the rrp for all 2-seater models, and three quid off of the bombers, so a little more than my usual 10%.  I will unfortunately have to look at my postage charges soon though - I've stuck to my flat rate £1 UK postage for as long as I could, but for Wings Of Glory models this just isn't sustainable, so some time soon I'll be increasing it to £3.20 for Wings of Glory orders, as that's the minimum that they actually cost to post first class.  So, if you want the cheap postage, grab 'em soon.  ;-)

Dom, Wed 13th August.