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Big Wings of Glory restock....

Just a quick heads-up that I've had a hefty Wings of Glory restock just arrive.  This includes a small number of most of the new 2-seaters, as well as quite a few models from previous series that have been hard to find for a while (Lothar's triplane, Von Hippel's Albatros, all three SSW D.IIIs, the Camel vs Dr.I duel pack, etc.)  These are all now back available on the site. 

One bit of bad news is that I've had to reduce my discount on the 2-seaters, sorry - for most of them I could only get a handful of each model this time.  The number available wasn't enough to qualify for the quantity discount with the distributor, so they've cost me more than usual, and realistically my pricing has to reflect that, especially as I'm heavily subsidising postage costs too, so they're just a quid off at the moment, sorry.  Happily the one exception to this is the Harvey/Waight Bristol - I managed to get a decent pile of that, so it's still at 15% off for the time being.  Whenever I'm next able to get a good restock of them, I suspect I'll bring everything to my more normal 10% off across the board.

Dom, Monday 14th April.

Wings Of Glory Series 7 In Stock....

Yes, I know, I've been far too quiet for far too long, sorry....  For a variety of reasons it's been quite a while since I had anything to report here - too much real life, not enough hours in the day, you know the drill....   As I type,. though, the printing backlog is shorter than it has been in a long long time, and I'm hoping to get all outstanding decal orders out over the weekend.  Just as exciting, though, a great big box has arrived this afternoon with the new Wings Of Glory series.  As usual there are four different models, with three paint schemes for each.  the aircraft this time are:

Albatros D.II


Halberstadt CL.II

Bristol F.2b Fighter (Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeha....  Ahem.  I've been looking forward to this one....)

For the single seaters I've made them available at my customary 10% off of RRP.  The two-seaters were a bit of a dilemma, as to be perfectly honest they're a bit pricier than I'd hoped or expected, with a £16.99 rrp (ie. a fiver more than the single seaters.)  After a bit of deliberation, I've decided to try and at least soften the blow, and gone with 15% off for them.  Given that I'm subsidising postage too, I'm not sure how sustainable that'll be, but I'll give it a go and see what happens, so for the time being at least, they're 15% off, hence the rather bizarre £14.44 price point.

Finally, and changing the subject back to decals for a moment, with my reprint backlog finally on the verge of extinction, I'm hoping to get some new releases out in the next week or so, for the first time in far too many months.  I won't elaborate too much yet, but hopefully one or two will be, umm, not entirely unrelated to the new Wings Of Glory stuff, while a few more will be a project that I've been playing around with for a long time, and finally gotten to work properly, and a totally new range for Dom's Decals.  Watch this space and all that.  ;-)

Dom,  Thursday 20th March.