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Wings Of Glory Series 8

Just a quick note to announce the new Wings of Glory series is now in stock, at my usual smidgen over 10% off RRP.  The new aircraft types, each available in the customary three different colour schemes, are:

- Fokker E.V  -  AKA the "Flying Razor" this parasol wing fighter arrived too late to have much impact, but promised exceptional agility.

- Nieuport 28  -  Rejected by the French air force, this agile late war fighter became the initial fighter of the freshly arriving American Expeditionary Force, starting aces like Eddie Rickenbacker on their combat careers.

- Hannover CL.IIIA  -  A highly agile German 2-seater, usually used for the demanding job of close support on the front lines.

- Macchi M.5  -  A new departure for the Wings of Glory line, this flying boat fighter was a staple of the Italian forces, and later the Americans too.  One paint scheme even depicts a machine captured by the Austrians.

Dom, Tue 21st April.