German Balkenkreuz (Various Styles)

German crosses, primarily intended for 15mm armour, but doubtless useful in a variety of scales. Each sheet contains approximately 120 crosses in each of 2mm, 2.5mm, and 3mm sizes.

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Balkenkreuz - White Outline Only

Product no.: 15mm-GE-B1

£2.00 *

Balkenkreuz - Black Edged White

Product no.: 15mm-GE-B2

£2.00 *

Balkenkreuz - Black/White/Black

Product no.: 15mm-GE-B3

£2.00 *

Solid White Crosses (1939)

Product no.: 15mm-GE-B5

£2.00 *

Solid White Crosses With Yellow Centres (1939)

Product no.: 15mm-GE-B6

£2.00 *