Decals - Squadron Markings

Detailed squadron marking sheets, primarily for modifying the excellent Wings Of War range. Each sheet has individual markings for 10-12 aircraft, enabling entire squadrons to be fielded with mainly fairly minor repainting of the Wings Of War models.

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4th AFC Additional Roundels

Product no.: 144-GB-S1a

£2.00 *

Jasta 19 Fokker Dr.1 Markings (April 1918)

Product no.: 144-GE-S1

£3.00 *

Jasta 37 Albatros D.V Markings (February 1918)

Product no.: 144-GE-S3

£3.00 *

Jasta 37 Additional Crosses

Product no.: 144-GE-S3a

£2.00 *