N.3 (Les Cicognes) & N.124 (Lafayette) Nieuport 17 Markings

N.3 (Les Cicognes) & N.124 (Lafayette) Nieuport 17 Markings

Product no.: 144-FR-S1

Intended primarily for use with the Wings Of War Lufberry/Thenault Nieuport 17 model (although the Kibanov Nieuport 23 is also fine for N.3 as they didn't have the wing-top Lewis gun), this sheet comes with individual markings for 6 aircraft from Les Cicognes, and 6 from the Lafayette escadrille. It also has enough replacement roundels (with larger blue centre spot, as was normal on Nieuports) for 6 models.

A detailed instruction sheet with photographs of completed models will be emailed to anyone ordering this sheet online.

Nb. The roundels on this sheet have been revised to use the same blue as on 144-FR-2 and 3, rather than the pastel blue I originally used. The older pastel blue can still be supplied on request, though - please email when you order if you want it substituting.

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