1/600 Red Stars With White Border

Product no.: 600-RU-1

These decals are very small indeed, and can be a bit fiddly to use, but not half as fiddly as they were to make.... These designs are definitely pushing the limits of what the printing process can do, so unfortunately there may be some issues with alignment of the red and white layers. (The white is one three-hundredth of an inch thick, so it doesn't allow much leeway....)

To give the best idea possible of what you're getting, I've photographed the various red stars "warts and all" so that you can see if they'll suit your needs. (Please bear in mind that the biggest design is 2mm across; depending on your monitor, the photo will be roughly 4-5 times actual size.) In the photo are, from left to right:


Finally, at the right is the smallest size of red star from another UK firm. (For comparison, and to highlight how difficult it is getting a red star that shows up well on dark surfaces in particular.)

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