28mm WOTR Livery Badges

Livery badge decals, for use on 28mm War Of The Roses figures.  Each sheet comes with two sizes - approximately 4.25mm in the largest dimension for use on the back of livery coats, and approximately 2mm for use on the front.  Each sheet has 100 of the smaller size, and 80 of the larger, plus 30 "slashed" ones. 

These latter are designed to fit a certain well known range of hard plastic WOTR infantry figures.  Ahem.  ;-)  To use the "slashed" badges, before placing them in water, simply cut along the diagonal black line on each design (magnification is helpful for this, as it's definitely a bit of a fiddly job), splitting it into two triangular decals.  These will fit either side of the strapping on the two figures each sprue has wearing livery jackets with a bag strap running across the back.

My number one go-to reference for these (and one that I'd heartily recommend to anyone painting a War Of The Roses army) was the excellent "Standards, Badges & Livery Colours of the Wars of the Roses" - available from www.vexillia.com , who also have an excellent range of flags and banners for 28mm figures.

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Red Rose Livery badges (Generic Lancastrian)

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Antelope (Henry VI)

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