15mm WW2 Markings

An extensive range of British army markings for 1944-45 (primarily NW Europe.) For a great overview of who used what markings, try "The British Soldier, Volume 2" by Jean Bouchery. Also the beginnings of a German range, and a solitary Finnish sheet.

German Balkenkreuz (Various Styles)

German crosses, primarily intended for 15mm armour, but doubtless useful in a variety of scales. Each sheet contains approximately 120 crosses in each of 2mm, 2.5mm, and 3mm sizes.

German Panzer & SS Division Badges

German panzer division unit badges. Each sheet contains badges for several units, usually including any common variants. Note these are actually overscale compared with a lot of real-life markings, most being 2.5mm across their largest dimension. (In reality German unit markings were often tiny.) If there's sufficient interest I may add a range in a smaller size at a later date.

German Registration Plates

German registration / license plates; wehrmacht, luftwaffe and SS. Each sheet has 60 different registration numbers, each in 4 different styles. They're the regulation sizes reduced to 1/100 scale, so a little over 3mm wide, and 4.5mm for the single line ones.

German Turret Numbers - Approx 3.75mm High

For smaller vehicles take a look at the 1/150 scale turret numbers as an alternative - these are 2.5mm high. I may add an "in between" size at some point if there's interest.