Important Note On Ordering:  If you have any problem with the wonderfully reliable automated Paypal checkout, please just select "invoice" as payment method for your order, or simply send me an email.  Either way, I can send you a manual Paypal request to circumvent any issues with the checkout.  Cheers, Dom.


Closed To New Orders For A Few Weeks....

Just a quick update to say I'm doing what I probably should have done a while ago now, sorry, and not taking new orders for a bit while I get properly caught up.  Many apologies to those waiting patiently (or even impatiently) for orders; this year's been a perfect storm of ropey health, temperamental emails, work (over-)commitments and a healthy dollop of uselessness from me, which has all added up to rather a big trainwreck, sorry.

So, umm, yeah, I'm still here, still filling orders (far too slowly, but hopefully a bit of holiday time from the "day job" and stopping new decal orders for a bit will let me turn that around), and slowly getting my **** together.  Oh, and I even have a new email address, as the one seems to be getting spam filtered into oblivion - I'll still receive any emails sent to that, but expect any replies to come from from now on - apologies if my email response time is still somewhat patchy while I'm catching up.

Dom, November 2018.

New Shipping Rates....

The new shop system has prompted me to sort out something I've been meaning to do since the Royal Mail made some big changes a few weeks ago, which is update my shipping rates.  Apologies to overseas customers, but the news isn't good, sorry - my flat rate £1 on decal orders has long been, umm, rather inadequate, but the Royal Mail's latest hike has really increased my shipping costs, to the point where I simply can't afford to keep absorbing the extra, as most decal orders now fall into the new "large letter" size category, and so cost more to post than when they were just "letter"....  On very small orders changing the way I package things means I can just squeeze them into the letter size, but anything over 4 sheets and I can't do it unfortunately.  Accordingly, my postage rates from now on will be:

UK - Still £1 flat rate, although I do need to take a look at the Wings Of Glory stuff.

EU - Decals.  £1.00 for 1-2 sheets, £1.52 for 3-4 sheets, £2.45 for 5 or more sheets.  (Exact cost of the stamps.)

EU - Non-Decal.  £1.00 plus 10% of order value.

Rest Of World - Decals.  £1.33 for 1-2 sheets, £2.25 for 3-4 sheets, £3.15 for 5 or more sheets.  (Exact cost of the stamps.)

Rest Of World - Non-Decal.  £1.00 plus 20% of order value.

Dom, Thu 7th May.