Important Note On Ordering:  If you have any problem with the wonderfully reliable automated Paypal checkout, please just select "invoice" as payment method for your order, or simply send me an email.  Either way, I can send you a manual Paypal request to circumvent any issues with the checkout.  Cheers, Dom.


Catching Up (Slowly, Sorry....)

Just a quick update to confirm that I'm still alive and kicking (slightly feebly....) and making inroads into my painfully large order and email backlog.  Many apologies to anyone waiting on a reply from me - I'm afraid I've been rather a disaster area in the last few months, for a mixture of good reasons and bad (ropey health, email problems, a new job, a promotion, and a few months of doing both jobs side by side until my replacement was recruited amongst other things, and a rather ill-timed bout of flu to start this year, unhappily coinciding with me getting a week off work....)  Apart from that it's been pretty quiet....

Anyway, long story short - sorry I've been useless, but I'm finally catching up, and will be in touch with everyone as soon as I can - getting through everyone will take a while, but I'm working on it.

Dom, January 2018.


28mm War Of The Roses Livery Badge Decals....

It's been a while since I had anything new out, but as I catch up on the reprint pile (which has been rather out of hand lately, sorry) I'm delighted to finally release the beginning of a range that I've been working on sporadically for far too long a time....  The initial release is 8 sheets of War Of The Roses livery badges (4 for the good guys, and 4 for the Lancastrians....), designed to fit 28mm figures.  Each sheet has large designs designed to go across a figure's back, and smaller ones to go on the front, although the latter should also be useful for the backs of 15mm figures.






























These are a bit of a departure for me in terms of subject, but also in terms of production - for a variety of reasons (chiefly that they're a bit of a nightmare to print, and that my reprint pile is far too often excessive these days) I've decided to go with a fixed print run for these, and printed them all out up front, so they're in hand and ready to go, rather than more or less printed to order as is usual for my ranges.  This should mean I can fill orders quicker than has been the case lately, but does mean that they're effectively a "limited edition" as it were.  Don't read too much into that - I'm sure if they're a success I'll both add more designs, and arrange reprints somewhere down the line, but for the time being I've stuck with 50 of each sheet, except for the roses, at 100 of each - this should certainly be enough to last a good few months.

Anyway, that's enough of me rambling - please take a look at them (or even buy some) and feel free to drop me a line with any suggestions for future additions to the line.  I'll endeavour to get a few sample figures painted up and add photos of them "in action" whenever I can find a couple of hours spare.

Dom, Monday 27th July.

Vallejo Paint & Raiden Miniatures Sale....

As I'm slowly getting up to date (rough year so far, but the mountain of reprints is finally shrinking....) and getting to grips with the new website, I've decided it's time to clear out a couple of older lines, so hopefully a few people can grab a bargain.  :-) 

First up is the excellent Vallejo paints line - these are great paints and remain my first choice, but recent Royal Mail changes (particularly the introduction of volumetric pricing to Air Mail a couple of months ago) mean that they're becoming impractically expensive to post, especially for small orders.  Given that, it seems like a good time to part company with them and move on, so I've priced them to clear.  Unfortunately this is available for UK customers only (see the shipping costs comment....) but all of my Vallejo stock is priced at just £1 per bottle, with a flat £2.80 per order postage (ie. the minimum actual cost using second class parcel service.)  The site has current stock levels entered into it now, so all codes available on the site are in stock, and will disappear from site as and when they sell out.

Second is the excellent Raiden miniatures 1/285 aircraft range.  Those with long memories may remember I was the first stockist of this range, but when the owner sold up and the range went across the pond my supply chain obviously hit a hitch....  ;-)  I still have a good few hundred models in stock though, with most of them at just £1.00 each, and postage at the cost of the stamps.  (I'm happy to ship overseas on these, as the postage shouldn't be prohibitively expensive.)  I haven't listed these on the site as it'd take ages, so if you want an up to date list of what's available, please just email me at and I'll send you the latest listing.

Dom, Sun 24th May.

Apologies For The Mess....

Just a quick note to apologise for the state of the site - my hosts have just "upgraded" their shop system, which is of course code for "we think it's better, but we've changed a whole bunch of your settings and failed to upload all of your products"....  I'll try and hammer it into shape over the next few days, but between real life and catching up on reprints, I have a bit to do at the moment anyway, sorry....  If you have any problems ordering, please just email me on and I'll get things sorted out for you - I've just done the tax section and shipping rates (see below), so hopefully that's the most glaring problems fixed anyway.

Dom, Thu 7th May.

New Shipping Rates....

The new shop system has prompted me to sort out something I've been meaning to do since the Royal Mail made some big changes a few weeks ago, which is update my shipping rates.  Apologies to overseas customers, but the news isn't good, sorry - my flat rate £1 on decal orders has long been, umm, rather inadequate, but the Royal Mail's latest hike has really increased my shipping costs, to the point where I simply can't afford to keep absorbing the extra, as most decal orders now fall into the new "large letter" size category, and so cost more to post than when they were just "letter"....  On very small orders changing the way I package things means I can just squeeze them into the letter size, but anything over 4 sheets and I can't do it unfortunately.  Accordingly, my postage rates from now on will be:

UK - Still £1 flat rate, although I do need to take a look at the Wings Of Glory stuff.

EU - Decals.  £1.00 for 1-2 sheets, £1.52 for 3-4 sheets, £2.45 for 5 or more sheets.  (Exact cost of the stamps.)

EU - Non-Decal.  £1.00 plus 10% of order value.

Rest Of World - Decals.  £1.33 for 1-2 sheets, £2.25 for 3-4 sheets, £3.15 for 5 or more sheets.  (Exact cost of the stamps.)

Rest Of World - Non-Decal.  £1.00 plus 20% of order value.

Dom, Thu 7th May.