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15mm Finnish Hakaristi ("Crooked Crosses")

Product no.: 15mm-FI-1

Hakaristi markings for Continuation War Finnish vehicles. In the winter war Finnish armour was identified by white and blue stripes around the turret, but later this was phased out and the hakaristi (which had been used by the air force since 1918) was introduced as the national insignia on AFVs.

This was rendered in a variety of styles; the most common was in black, with short arms to the design, and a white "shadow" underneath and to the right of the black design. Main variations were hakaristi with full length arms similar to the German swastika, and designs in blue instead of black. The white "shadow" was retained on most variations, and all decals on this sheet have it.

This sheet has a total of 170 hakaristi in a variety of designs. Most of them are approximately 3.25mm across, equivalent to approximately 13 inches in scale; this was the regulation size once the design became formalised, and fits nicely on most models. In addition there are a smaller number of smaller (approximately 2.25mm) and larger (approximately 5mm) designs - the latter are particularly appropriate on newly captured Soviet equipment, where larger markings were often utilised to minimise the risk of friendly fire incidents.

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