British Tank Names

Product no.: 15mm-GB-29

British tank names, in a non-stencilled style, approximately 3.5" high in scale (just under 1mm actual.) This sheet has names from HQ and C squadron, 4th Coldstream Guards (left 2 columns, Churchill equipped in 6th Guards tank brigade), B Squadron 1st RTR (3rd and 4th columns, Cromwell-equipped armoured regiment in 22nd armoured brigade, 7th armoured division) and C squadron 9th RTR (right hand column, Sherman equipped armoured regiment in 31st armoured brigade.)

There are a couple of instances where one or two names aren't known - in these cases I've substituted something that fits, and prefixed it with an open bracket. (These are "Old Bill" - actually a 4th CLY name, "Allahkeefik" - actually 22nd Armd Brigade HQ, and "Incisor" and "Injector" which were both 9th RTR, but their squadron's not known.) Also note that if a word's indented, it's a continuation of the name above, which was too long.... (Eg. Fair Maid O Perth)

4th Coldstream names, from the top of the sheet are:
Eagle and Seagull - HQ tanks.
Vulture and Owl - ACVs.
Cuckoo - the infamous Panther....
Eagle to Owlet - scout cars.
Snipe to Flycatcher - recce and AA troops. (Unfortunately I can't find a confirmation of which is which.
Revenge to Raven - C Squadron HQ; CO, CS tanks, OP tank.
Bandit to Venomous - 11 to 15 troops, in order.

1st RTR names, again from the top are:
Miss Blandish II to Old Bill - B squadron HQ; CO, 2IC and 2 CS tanks.
Oor Wullie to Juno - 5 to 8 troops, in order (so first is the CO, then 2 Cromwells, then the Sherman Firefly, then on to the next troop.)
Skyraker and Allahkeefik - Crusader AA if you want to attach a couple to your squadron....

9th RTR names from the top are:
Incredible to Injector - C squadron HQ; CO, 2IC and Recce Officer (both CS tanks), and ARV. (Note that the HQ is thus only 3 tanks plus the ARV, not 4.)
Incisive to Irlam - 11 to 15 troops, in order.

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