1/600 WWII British Type B Fighter Roundels

Product no.: 600-GB-03

Unlike most of my decals, this set (along with 600-GB-1, 2 and 4) is specifically scaled, rather than supplied in "generic" sizes. (Ie. my usual 24", 30", 36" and 48" scale diameters.)

Instead, these decals scale out to the regulation sizes for fighter aircraft when used on 1/600 scale models. I will also be producing "generic" sheets of RAF decals in due course, to suit other aircraft types.

Note for customers looking to do Battle Of Britain aircraft; I'd recommend getting one each of this sheet and 600-GB-2. The Type B roundel was very rare indeed underneath the wings of single-engine fighters, so I've supplied this sheet with the far more common Type A instead for that position. Should you need a Type B there I'd recommend simply using the 56" one instead, or sheet 600-GB-7.

Photo is a Tumbling Dice 1/600 Sea Harrier FRS 1 - Pack ISA 641.

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